Component Sales

We are trained and qualified to sell, program, install and maintain partner equipment and systems.


  • Equipment for Industrial automation control systems
  • PROFINET and PROFIBUS data bus components
  • Programming software (PLC, SCADA, drives, etc.)
  • Frequency converters
  • Engines and drives
  • Process automation instruments: flow meters, pressure sensors, etc.
  • Low voltage equipment
  • Automation and control centers


  • Inductive and ultrasonic sensors, capacitive sensors
  • Gas and liquid flow sensors
  • RFID Systems
  • Line Technology Sensors
  • Barriers for Ex area
  • I/O Modules and Gateways, up to IP67
  • Incremental sensors
  • Inductive angle sensors
  • IO-Link products: sensors, network components
  • Connectors
  • Network Components PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, DeviceNet, CANopen, PROFINET, Modbus RTU / ASCII


  • Optical sensors
  • Laser sensors
  • Radar sensors
  • Vehicle detection sensor
  • Image Editing Sensors
  • Cordless sensors
  • Security sensors (light curtains, etc.)
  • LED light towers


  • Relays