Electrical System Design

We design:

  • Management systems for industrial automation and technological processes
  • SCADA centers
  • Low-voltage installations according to B-level qualification
  • Automation and electrical cabinets

Electrical diagrams are designed using PCSchematic software; installation layouts are created in AutoCAD.

Our designs are based on:

  • The customer’s technical requirements
  • General electrical standards and codes

As an authorized Siemens partner, we design our customers’ automation systems with Siemens programmable controllers and software. Distributed systems are designed with I/O stations from Turck.

Based on our long-term experience and the training programs of our business partners, we have the ability to select components and design systems for various special conditions:

  • Explosive (Ex) areas
  • Rough environments (chemical industry)
  • Industries with specific requirements (food industry, pharmaceutical industry)
  • Security solutions (safety relays and curtains, etc.)

We have gained the certification to implement Siemens conveyor scales and consumption measurement technology of solid substances.