Hardware upgrade of Mustamäe boiler house boiler No.5 and transition to standard program blocks2014-2015Tallinna Küte
Automatic control system for boiler no. 32008-2009Anne Soojus
Anne boiler house (Tartu), boiler no. 4 automation2006Tartu Soojus AS
Connection of Mustamäe boiler house water heating boilers no. 3, 4, 5 to the remote monitoring system2004Tallinna Küte AS
Nelss Ltd. bark fired boiler house 9MW electricity and automation (Latvia)2003MiTe Engineering
Mustamäe boiler house water heating boilers no. 4, 5 and 6 upgrade to a single management system2002Tallinna Küte AS
Mustamäe boiler house water heating boiler no. 5 electrical and automation reconstruction2002Tallinna Küte AS
Design and programming of control and visualization system of boiler no. 10 of Mustamäe boiler house2001Siemens AS
Programming of the visualization system of the boiler house no. 8 of the Mustamäe boiler house2001AS Tallinna Soojus
OÜ Tapa Mill boiler house boiler control and visualization system programming2000AS Hekotek
Programming of control system of boiler No 9 of Mustamäe boiler house2000Siemens AS